We are delighted to announce that the two Year 7 teams who successfully represented our school in the Barnsley Teen Tech Challenge were just as successful in the National Competition held last month at the Emirates Stadium, London!! Seven of our fantastic pupils did us all proud with confident, creative and informative presentations of their Human Eco Hamster House and The Under the Beach Hotel. The judges, including Maggie Philbin, were impressed with the confidence, knowledge and consideration for the environment shown by our pupils, and by the level of preparation given to their entries.

 Changing rooms Emirates ground Filming Eco House presentation Melon Presenting Under the Beach Hotel Programming Team Holy Trinity

In fact, the teams each won category prizes, for Best Domestic Space and Best Use of the Outdoors respectively. Each pupil won a prize, and collectively they were awarded a Raspberry Pi programming devise for use in school. So, thank you and a HUGE ‘well done’ to Deven, Maisy, Dilly, Amie, Laura, Meg and Molly.