Congratulations to the Year 7 pupils who took part in the Barnsley finals of the TeenTech Challenge on Monday, 28 November.


The Human-Eco-Hamster House, designed to harness solar energy and featuring zoned areas for a variety of domestic activities, was constructed by Deven Galloway, Amie Cooper, Dilly Evans and Maisy Hanby of Barachiel House. They received the award for Best Domestic space for their home of the future.


Gabriel House members Meg Moffat, Laura Spencer and Molly Cross presented their concept of a family centered hotel, constructed underground in order to minimize visual pollution. Their Under the Beach Hotel was awarded Most Innovative Building, partly due to their idea of cleaning and filtering sea water for use in the hotel.


Pupils presented their concept and model of their building to pupils from other schools, then took part in a number of TeenTech activities, such as gadget designing and developing ideas that could be incorporated into the new Barnsley Library building, before presenting their detailed ideas to a panel of judges, chaired by Maggie Philbin of ‘Tomorrow’s World’ fame.


Our pupils are delighted with the result of the competition, and are eagerly awaiting their visit to London in January, where they have been invited to present their work in the National Final!!!

sharing-ideas-with-maggie-philbin   prize-winning-ideas  presenting-the-model  discussing-ideas-with-the-mayor

discussing-ideas-with-the-mayor-2 discussing-design-ideas-1

sharing-an-overview-of-barnsley  discussing-ideas-with-the-mayor-2