Year 11 have made a fantastic start to their GCSEs this week. This is a busy week in which there are 8 exams. Attendance at morning booster sessions has been high and students are really focused. Well done Year 11!

Between exams lessons are continuing as normal, as teachers are continuing to prepare students for the other exams that take place over the next few weeks. So it is important that students maintain high levels of attendance.

We have decided to start the exams a little later in the morning to give students time with their teachers and time to settle before they begin their exam. Preparation sessions begin at 8.30am.

From Wednesday 14th June normal timetabled lessons will no longer take place and will be replaced by a revision timetable. Students will be expected to attend the revision sessions, which will supplement the revision that they will undertake at home. When students are not attending revision sessions and are not in exams, they must study at home.

Please follow the link below to view the letter that Year 11 Pupils have received today that gives more information about revision sessions and timetable changes.

Year 11 Revision Sessions and Timetable Changes