On Tuesday 21st November Holy Trinity hosted a celebration and awards event for the pupils who left Holy Trinity in summer 2017.  A number of awards and special mentions were made for achievement and effort.

Pictured below is Amy Lee who received the Anne Walker Award for Effort and Determination in Technology.

Below are the other award winners.

Awards for achievement & effort in subject areas

Head Boy – Thomas Mok
Head Girl – Ella Gruszyk

English Language Award for Achievement – Imogen Manterfield
Literature Award for Achievement – Grace Conway

English Literature Award for Effort – Holly Padgett
Literature Award for Effort – Tala Alayoubi
Literature Award for Effort – Callum Burkinshaw

Maths Award for Achievement – Evan Hardy
Maths Award for Effort – Samuel Bretton

Science Award for Achievement – Evan Hardy
Science Award for Effort – Tamzyn Buckley

Religious Education
Religious Education Award for Achievement – George Crowcroft
Religious Education Award for Effort – Georgia Cooper

History Award for Achievement – Callum Birkinshaw
History Award for Effort – Tala Alayoubi

Geography Award for Achievement – Ella Gruszyk
Geography Award for Effort – Ella Gruszyk

Modern Foreign Language
Modern Foreign Language Award for Achievement – Ella Gruszyk
Modern Foreign Language Award for Effort – Imogen Manterfield

Physical Education
Physical Education Award for Male – Spenser Sheppard
Physical Education Award for Female – Georgia Weston

ICT Award for Achievement – Harry Savage
ICT Award for Effort – Harry Savage

Food Technology
Food Technology Award for Achievement – Grace Conway
Food Technology Award for Effort – Tamzin Buckley

Business Studies
Business Studies Award for Achievement – Evan Hardy
Business Studies Award for Effort – Georgia Riley

General Studies
General Studies Award for Achievement – Gabriella Smith
General Studies Award for Effort – Dominic Dryden

Music Award for Achievement – Dominic Jones

Art Award for Achievement – Louisa Clarke
Art Award for Effort – Tegan Tudor

Resistant Materials
Resistant Materials Award for Achievement – Shauna Rose
Resistant Materials Award for Effort – Ewan Oxley