School Uniform

Below is information about uniform for both Primary and Secondary phases.

Primary Uniform

There is a uniform for the primary phase consisting of:

  • Mid-grey trousers, shorts or skirt.
  • Long or short sleeved white shirt
  • Clip-on or elastic school tie
  • Navy blue v-neck sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan with school logo.
  • Black shoes
  • Grey or white socks or grey tights.
  • EYFS children also require wellington boots

Summer uniform – Navy blue and white gingham dress.

Ear rings, studs or sleepers must not be worn in school.

Primary PE Kit

PE kits should consist of the following:

  • Trainers (not pumps)
  • Navy blue shorts or a plain navy blue tracksuit may be worn for outdoor PE.
  • White t-shirt (polo or round neck)


Secondary Uniform

Students are expected to be clean and tidy at all times and to wear the correct school uniform.


  • Navy blue school blazer with pocket logo
  • Plain medium grey traditional style knee length pleated or ‘A’ line skirt
  • Plain black opaque tights must be worn with skirts – no socks allowed
  • Plain medium grey traditional style trousers. No hipsters allowed
  • Black leather shoes in traditional style, heels no higher than 2″/5cm
  • Socks worn with trousers should be grey or black
  • Clip-on school tie
  • White shirt (which must button up at the neck)
  • Medium grey long-sleeved V-neck jumper


  • Navy blue school blazer with pocket logo
  • Plain medium grey traditional style trousers
  • Black leather shoes in traditional style
  • Black or grey socks
  • Clip-on school tie
  • White shirt (which must button up at the neck)
  • Medium grey long-sleeved V-necked jumper

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled

The following are NOT part of the school uniform and should NOT be worn

  • Black trousers/leggings
  • Sweatshirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Shoes with high heels/clogs/boots or flip-flop type footwear
  • Short skirts
  • Tight-fitting shirts

Trainers are required for PE lessons but must not be worn at any other times.

Outdoor coats should be appropriate for school wear and must not be of denim or leather or extreme fashion.

Jewellery (including earrings, stud, or sleepers) and make-up are not acceptable in school; they cause numerous problems related to the health and safety of students.

Hair should be a natural colour; extremes of colour or cut not allowed.

Students who do not adhere to school policies will lose breaks/lunchtimes


Secondary PE Kit
Girl’s PE Kit

  • White Polo shirt with or without logo
  • Navy blue shorts
  • White football socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots (optional)
  • Leggings – non see-through

Boy’s PE Kit

  • Navy blue rugby shirt (or reversible navy/navy and white rugby shirt) with Logo
  • Navy blue shorts/ navy blue joggers
  • White football socks /white sports socks (summer)
  • Gum-shield
  • Trainers
  • Football Boots
  • Optional – White polo shirt for summer.

Additional to the above, but optional, for students: navy blue tracksuits, navy blue sweatshirt or navy blue hoodie. These can be worn during inclement weather at the teachers’ discretion.

The kit is available from several local suppliers; however, you may buy from any source but you will need to get the school logo embroidered on.

In all P.E. lessons, the following points must be adhered to:

Hair must be tied back.  No  will be jewellery  allowed whatsoever.

P.E. kit is a – non-negotiable – all school uniform sanctions also apply to the P.E. kit.

Please be aware of the following statement: 

“Physical Education is a compulsory subject. You will be expected to take part to the best of your ability at all times. If you are ill or injured on the day of a P.E. lesson, you may bring a note to explain your problem, but you must also bring the correct P.E. kit to join in with the lesson, as you will be expected to participate as judge/coach/umpire/choreographer etc. A doctor’s note must accompany your request to be excused from all involvement.

Parent/Carer Signature:   (To be signed in the Student Planner which your son/daughter will receive at the beginning of the academic year 2017/18)

School Uniform

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