Holy Trinity would like to congratulate both Eva &  Rosie Longley who represented England at the International Combat Organisation World Cup where they achieved 2 Gold and 3 Silver medals between them.

Both girls did really well, Eva fought her way to 2 silver medals in 2 categories, -25kg on the mats and also in the ring.

Rosie having turned 13 recently had been moved into the 13-17 year old category so was up against it, but was also moved up to -50kg category in 2 categories when only weighing 44kg at the weigh in. First category was -50kg mat fighting, she fought her way to a silver medal after losing in the final to a Scottish girl who was 17, 18 next month. Second category was -45kg in the ring which is her own weight and won gold. Third category was -50kg in the ring, she narrowly lost out to win a bronze medal. Fourth category was -45kg K1, which is a discipline she’s never fought before, it involves knees and kicks from ankle to head. Rosie was amazing and beat a Spanish girl in the final to claim her second gold of the day.

A great weekend for both girls representing Team England!