Here at Holy Trinity we believe that effective teaching and learning is at the heart of a successful school. We believe that all members of the school community, including staff, have the right to learn and develop. As a result, our aim is to support colleagues in developing their work and encourage collaboration both within our school and beyond.

Teaching & Learning Magazine

Is a termly magazine that collates the best practice that exists within our school and investigates the most recent developments and research within education.

Issue 1 – The Snowflake Edition

Issue 2 – The Easter Edition

15 Minute Forums

These are micro training sessions that are led by our own practitioners within school.

So far this year sessions have been delivered on:

  • Teaching and learning Swap Shop
  • Solo Hexagons
  • IRIS Connect
  • Learning Mats to Improve Progress
  • Starters and Hooks for Learning
  • Improving Peer Assessment Through Gallery Critique
  • How to use QR Codes
  • Marking & Feeback Clinic

Teach Meet

This year Holy Trinity hosted the Barnsley Teaching School Alliance annual ‘Teach Meet.’

Teachers from across Barnsley came together to share best practice through a series of six minute micro presentations.

Manor Academy York

We have established a very strong link with Manor Academy, York. At its last inspection the school was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

The link between the schools is led by our Teaching and Learning Champion, Mr A Fox and is aimed at facilitating collaboration between the two schools and providing shared experiences for our students.