“Mr Fox has started a breakfast literacy club with five students in Year 8 and five students in Year 9. The group is called ‘Jumpstart Literacy’ a name chosen by the students themselves. So far students have had two workshops. These are running once a week during form time. Students are provided with a breakfast to help them with their concentration levels.

                                 Breakfast lit 2           breakfast lit 3

Mr Fox said ‘The literacy group is another measure we have put in as a school to improve progress and student skills in this area. I am hoping that the work we do will have a real impact; leading to better progress throughout the curriculum. So far we have worked on spelling and apostrophes. The students have engaged exceptionally well and seem to be enjoying it’

breakfast lit 4    Breakfast Lit 1

Matthew Goodwin, Year 8 student said ‘It is fun, and I get to improve on my grammar, so that I can get good scores on my tests’.


The Year 9 Pupils in the club are
Asher Fekadu
Joshua Denman
Joe Harthill
Kimberly Winnard
Carl Dobson

The Year 8 Pupils in the club are
Zak Annetts
Casey Heseltine
Owen Shaw
Matthew Goodwin
Regan Clegg