Parents who park in school to pick up children continue to be a huge problem for our school and a real danger to our children. We simply do not have the space to accommodate the numbers of cars that come into our grounds each day. The problem is that when a parent drives into school to search for a space and finds there isn’t one they then park anywhere, this is often on double yellow lines, zig –zags, on grass verges, in designated disabled bays, pavements, in the bus bays, even on the zebra crossing . Parents start arriving from 2.00pm onwards and by 3.15pm the school site is hazardous with cars and buses having near misses and creating real danger for our children and parents who walk and cycle. I understand and have heard all the arguments from those parents who use our grounds to park each day, people feel frustrated that there isn’t a designated car park and think that they should be allowed to use any piece of land to park to be as near to their child’s classroom as possible. Unfortunately there isn’t a parent’s car park and there won’t ever be one. None of the predecessor schools of St Dominic’s, Holy Cross or St Michael’s had an area for parents parking, Holy Trinity doesn’t have one either. A health and safety review (Risk Assessment) has been carried out and action must now be taken to avoid a child or adult getting injured in the future. Reducing the numbers of vehicle movements on the school site will go a long way to address this.

Therefore, from Monday 3rd November, no vehicles will be admitted onto the school site unless they carry a school parking pass or have business with the school. This will be enforced by Doyles Security in the short to medium term (including a radio link to reception to identify visitors with appointments) and will probably become an automated system in the long term. Parents who currently park on school grounds will need to park away from the school using local streets or the Barnsley Bowl car park. Please support us in this measure; please understand that our motive is to avoid an accident and not to cause inconvenience.

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S Barber