Holy Trinity Teaching Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs A Dickson
Deputy Headteacher (Ethos, Care, Guidance and Support Mrs L Oldcorn
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching, Learning and Curriculum) Mr S Voyce
Assistant Headteacher (Primary Leader) Mrs R Parkin
Business Manager Mr D Lodge


SEN Team

Mrs Oldcorn (SENCo)

Mrs A Talbot (SENCo Primary)

Mrs J Franey (Assistant SENCo)


Secondary Phase


Head of Standards for Year 7           Mr P Stainrod

Head of Standards for Year 8           Mr A Fox

Head of Standards for Year 9           Mrs J Shaw

Head of Standards for Year 10         Mr T Smith

Head of Standards for Year 11         Mr J Towers

Head of Enterprise and Careers      Mr G McInerney


English Team

Miss S Walker (Head of Department)

Mrs H Fitzmaurice

Miss C Newton

Mrs K Steele

Mrs V Towers


Maths Team

Mr J Longley (Head of Department)

Mr N Fletcher


Mr J Towers

Mr S Wright


Science Team

Mr P Hoskins (Head of Deparment)

Miss N Cassell

Miss E Gomersall

Mr P Stainrod

Dr S Watts


RE Team

Mrs C Morrison (Head of Department)

Mrs G Hubbard

Miss M Hunt

Mrs A Krause

Miss K Meehan


French Team

Mrs D Glossop (Head of Department)

Mrs E McAleer

Mrs E Genner


Humanities Team

Mr D Thomlinson (Head of Department)

Mr P Brackley

Mr A Fox

Mr A Henderson

Mr G McInerney


PE Team

Mr G Kenworthy (Head of Department)

Mrs V Burton

Mr D Hancock

Mrs J Shaw

Mr T Smith


Technology and the Arts Team

Mrs C Wilson (Head of Department) (Hospitality and Food)

Mr J Hugill (Design and Technology)

Mrs K Booth (Art)

Mr A Jones (Computing)

Mr M Smith (Drama)

Mr T Davies (Music)


Primary Phase

Primary Leader Mrs R Parkin
Deputy Primary Leader and Key Stage 2 coordinator Mr D Brock
Key Stage 1 Coordinator Mrs A Talbot
Foundation Stage Leader Mrs S Hall
SENCo Mrs A Talbot


Primary Class Teachers

Nursery Mrs P Gonnelly
Foundation Stage Mrs S Hall
Miss N Hessell
Mrs J Jones
Mrs V Swallow
Year 1 Miss J McCrum
Mrs G Shipp
Year 2 Mrs S Brown
Mrs A Talbot
Year 3 Mrs K Hampshire
Miss A Whitworth
Year 4 Miss F Bowes
Mrs K Major
Year 5 Miss L Hall
Mrs S Raynor
Year 6 Mr D Brock
Mr L Mullen

PPA Cover/Primary Science Mrs J Burrows

Teaching Assistants

Mrs W Andrews
Mrs C Bedford
Mrs K Brown
Mrs S Burton
Mrs T Cook
Mrs K Evans
Mrs C Eckford
Mrs S Farnworth
Mrs G Hill
Mrs G Heseltine
Mrs S Ogden
Mrs J Oxley
Mrs N Pursely
Mrs S Quinn
Mrs S Roper
Mrs S Gumbrall
Mrs T Pritchard
Mrs S Yates

Mrs J Brooke
Mrs R Cherry
Mrs A Cutting
Mrs E Fisher
Mrs A Hyde
Mrs J Franey
Mrs M McKinney
Mrs D Shirt
Mrs S Wiles
Mrs B Wilson
Miss G Wilson
Mr S Wilson [/toggle]

Cover Supervisors
Mrs J Altass

Mr D Hancock

Miss H Hardcastle

Mr J Shaw

Associate Staff
Ms H Richards Lay Chaplain
Miss E Giedra Senior Learning Mentor
Mrs H Farnsworth Student Support Officer
Mr C Newby Student Support Officer
Mrs H Rowson Student Support Officer
Mrs S Scott Attendance Officer & Clerk to the Governing Body
Mr M Gray Admin Officer
Mrs D Thickett Admin Officer
Mr M Young Admin Officer
Miss M Griffin Data Manager
Mrs J Reynolds Office Manager/Finance Officer
Mr G Finney Finance Manager
Mrs D Whyke Exams Officer/Educational Visits Officer
Mrs T Oliver Admin Officer/SENCO Support
Miss Y Taylor PA to Headteacher and SLT
Miss H Haywood Admin Officer
Mrs S Etheridge Educational Visits Co-ordinator/Cover Manager
Mr K Ackroyd Modern Apprentice Admin Team
Mrs H Kaye Receptionist
Mrs L Bristow-Wogan Primary Receptionist
Miss A Sefton Science Technician
Mrs C Hallows Technology Technician
Miss A Faraday Technology Technician
Mrs J Hewitt Primary Learning Mentor
Mrs M Woodcock Primary Parent Support Advisor