Holy Trinity is the only voluntary aided 3-16 Catholic and Church of England school in the country. We offer a unique opportunity for students to explore their spiritual lives through the Christian faith as expressed in the Catholic and Church of England traditions.

Students are encouraged to develop awareness of their spiritual needs and to participate in a range of experiences and activities to guide them. Christian worship lies at the heart of the school and is developed within the context of the students’ lives.

Students attend worship every morning; this is underpinned by the liturgical calendar and coordinated by our chaplain. They are invited to create worship themes and participate in them, expressing their ideas through the arts and technical media. We are supported by clergy and parishes in both the Catholic and Church of England Barnsley deaneries. The Diocesan Youth Teams from both dioceses are actively involved with all our students, often leading the annual Retreat Days for all students.

Holy Trinity has a full-time chaplaincy provision in school, available to all. The Mass is central to the Christian faith and is celebrated in school regularly; it is open to all.  Throughout their school lives, students are nurtured in their spiritual life – exploring their relationship with God from where they are – discovering God in the everyday.

Holy Trinity inherits a very good reputation for the care, guidance and support it offers to students. Students respond well to the school’s emphasis on “repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation” and we look to encourage the value and potential of all students by promoting an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Our policies and practice reflect a desire to see that all students are encouraged to develop mutual respect, and ensure that positive relationships between students, staff, and parents form the basis of a successful and happy experience for all members of our school community.

We work hard to ensure that the student transition to Holy Trinity is smooth. Holy Trinity has a house system in school with tutor groups, in the secondary phase, of mixed ages. Each house will be led by a Head of Standards whose role is to bridge the pastoral and academic aspects of school and help develop well rounded individuals.